Saturday, October 18, 2014

Big Ben

And suddenly Benjamin, our neighbors' son and one of Joseph's best friends, was 6!  I was incredibly unprepared this summer when he lost his first tooth on the early side while they were away on vacation, so I got started as soon as possible on a Tooth Fairy pillow for his birthday this month.

His favorite colors are red and green, but I chose just one color so it wouldn't look to Christmasy.  I had been using these reds on another project and love the combo of anything with gray.  I made 2x4" "flying geese" units and arranged them in a chevron pattern.

I snuck just a tiny bit of green in the project by hiding a green zipper under a flap on the back of the pillow.  

I love these little pillows because they are essentially making mini quilts.  They are such fun and easy projects!  I used matching thread in red and gray for the quilting, echoing the zig zags - it's best seen on the reverse side of the pillow top.

Kids absolutely adore anything personalized!  I always put their initial on the pocket, where the Tooth Fairy will retrieve the tooth and leave a note or treat.

As soon as I finished Benjamin's pillow, I decided to give it to him early rather than wait for his actual birthday, just in case he needed it.  And in a crazy coincidence, he lost a tooth less than an hour later, and he got to use the pillow that very night!  I'm so happy to say that he really loves his pillow and wants to carry it around with him all the time.

Half way through making Benjamin's pillow I realized I had used the exact same pattern for Joseph's. All the same flying geese units, but a completely different look emerges simply by alternating the color of the center triangle.

Joseph's pillow, by the way, got even more use when he lost tooth #4 just about a week after losing #3, leaving lots of empty space on the bottom row.  This one came out at school, and they sent it home stapled into a piece of purple construction paper.  The Tooth Fairy tried to be tricky and put her surprise inside a purple packet that looked almost the same :)

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Anonymous said...

Someone is so talented on Alton Place...and it's not my wonderful son Brent... Carl does it again.. Neighbors are so lucky ..and especially the children .. Love all the Jack-O-Latern kids faces... luv MiMI