Sunday, September 28, 2014

Urban Country

A quilt for little Jerry!  Brent's cousin, Mindy, recently had a baby boy, and you just know I had to make him a quilt.  It's what I do!

What's unique this time around is that Mindy's mom, Brent's Aunt June, asked me in advance if I would make baby Jerry a "Realtree" camouflage quilt.  I love camo, so even though I didn't know what "Realtree" was, I agreed without hesitation.   Turns out "Realtree" is a brand, and it looks like....wait for it.... Real. Trees. (!!!)  June sent me 3 yards of this stuff from Louisiana, and I really had a mental block figuring out how on Earth I was going to use it. It was such a large scale print that I didn't think it would work if I cut it up, and then I finally had an epiphany: don't cut it up.  Just use it for the backing, and coordinate fabrics for the front.  However, there's also not another print in the world that would coordinate with this stuff, so I decided to go with all solids.

Most of the solids have delicious names like basil, chocolate, cappuccino, caramel, and espresso, but my all time favorite was one that I added later on called "dirt."  To balance out the clearly nature-inspired influence of the backing, I chose a distinctively modern and urban-influenced pattern from the book City Quilts by Cherri House, called City Tracks.  Completely my style, and the whole time I was thinking a good name for this quilt would be "Nature vs. Nurture."

My regular quilt holder extraordinaire was working, so Joseph happily volunteered to help me take photos of Jerry's quilt.  Unfortunately he was (1) too short and (2) too goofy to truly be helpful.

Luckily Brent arrived to save the day so I could get some standard shots.  It's a little bit big for a baby quilt, at 48" x60", but he'll grow into it.

The main block is made in "strip sets," and there were plenty of end pieces left over.  So I made a "mini" version of the quilt too! I figured Mindy could use it as a burp cloth, or Jerry might like it as a "lovey."  I was also trying to use up the rest of that Realtree fabric....

Seriously, 3 yards is actually a lot of fabric.  In fact, there was so much still left that I decided to use it for the binding too.  I think this stuff was haunting me - even the trademark showed up in the binding!

The quilting was pretty basic, just straight lines in a neutral color a half inch on either side of the black stripe.

Look, I really do love camouflage - check out my shorts.  Total coincidence!  But I still wouldn't blend in with a real tree the way Realtree does.


sko_G knits said...

i really love that tree fabric now that it's come together with your quilt top!

Anonymous said...

WOW! You did it....Only you cans come up with the coolest idea's... Baby Jerry will love it ..thanks >luv MIMI