Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Disney Wonder

After 2 fantastic days in Vancouver, we set sail for Alaska on the Disney Wonder.  The cruise was supposed to be in celebration of parents' 50th anniversary, which was actually a few years ago, so we were all sad that they had to cancel at the last minute to take care of my sister.  We had settled on a Disney Cruise so there would be more for Joseph to do than there was on our Celebrity cruise to Bermuda.  He was most certainly not disappointed!

We had a pretty nice room, complete with a balcony to enjoy the scenery.  The latest addition to our family, Penny the Penguin from the Vancouver Aquarium, fit right in.

We could not have had better weather for the launch party on the upper deck.  Music, dancing, food, streamers, characters, and it was "Adventures Away!"  Joseph was immediately in the pool and on the water slide (which is supported by Micky Mouse's hand).

We started out at Canada Place next to the convention center and had spectacular views of Vancouver as we sailed out past Stanley Park and Brockton Point Lighthouse, under the Lions Gate Bridge, and out into open waters.

We were never actually far out in the ocean, which made for very smooth sailing.  The ship hugs the coastline of Vancouver Island and takes the Inside Passage, a narrow route in the "panhandle" of Alaska that weaves through islands nestled between the coast of North America and the Pacific Ocean

There was always plenty to do onboard during our time at sea in between ports.  Joseph was glued to the Funnelvision, a ginormous TV screen above the pool that played Disney movies nonstop.  (He's in there, holding on to the ladder at the front left side of the pool, staring up at "A Bug's Life.")  The pools were heated, so Brent and Joseph used them throughout the whole trip.

Joseph would have spent every waking minute in the kids' club if we'd let him.  They did have a lot of fun programing for the kids, but he quickly figured out there was a room full of computers and he could play video games for hours without us there telling him to take a break.

To say it was all Disney all the time is an understatement.  There had to be 20 different Disney channels on the TV.  Joseph just loves Mary Poppins, and I got my fair share of the High School Musical trilogy.

Of course there were character appearances everywhere.

Even at breakfast.

Even at 10 o'clock at night.  I never did get to meet my favorite, the Little Mermaid, in person.

There was a gym, shuffleboard, shows that Joseph was enamored with, themed dinners with great service from our waiter (Mr. Bruno Fernandez.  From India.).

More than anything, there was absolutely breathtaking, majestic scenery at any given moment.  Whether is was a foggy morning or a crystal clear afternoon, a gorgeous sunset, clouds rolling in over the mountain tops, a rugged landscape or a lush forest, and even an occasional humpback whale appearance, we could have just stared off of our balcony the entire trip.

61 pictures in one post.  That might be a new record.  And I really haven't even shown you much of Alaska!

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Rgutro said...

Wow - What an awesome, fun adventure. I had no idea that Disney did cruises to Alaska. Looks like a really fun time. Thanks for sharing. Glad you all had a fun vacation -what an inspiration! Rob