Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fifty Too

Over the summer my brother turned 50 too, following the lead of our sister, who now happens to be fifty two.  Paul's decided not to have his birthday party, as our sister was just diagnosed with uterine cancer and was going in for surgery, all right at the same time as we were headed off to Alaska.  (Luckily Toni's cancer was found to be in the earliest stages and her prognosis is excellent.)  We thought it would be nice to head up to New Jersey for Labor Day weekend.  Mom put together a family meal, and we finally got around to celebrating Uncle Pauly's birthday too.

Joseph discovered Grammy's elliptical machine this visit, and was utterly obsessed.  He won't walk more than a block without complaining, but he wanted to spend every minute possible on this thing.  I may have to get one for our house!

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Rgutro said...

A nice family celebration! Glad to hear that Toni's cancer was caught early. - It's funny what kids will latch onto!