Sunday, August 24, 2014

Very Important People

Still haven't had the time to sufficiently tackle those vacation part because we immediately went right back to the grind of work upon our return.  We were also lucky to have visits from two VIP's.  One was Brent's mom, who so graciously agreed to fly up from Louisiana for the week since we didn't have any camp scheduled for Joe Joe.  "Mimi Camp" was the best, and I think Joseph is going to lobby for it again every year.

We also got to see Aimee, who was in town for the week on vacation with her family.  Aimee is the birthparent counselor from the adoption agency that worked with Joseph's birth family. We developed such a close relationship and a special bond with her, and are so happy to have stayed in contact with her long after she left the agency and moved away.  Her 2 boys are unbelievably adorable, and it was great to catch up.

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