Saturday, August 30, 2014

Vancouver: Part 2

I mentioned Stanley Park has its own aquarium, and it is fantastic!  Then again, I just love aquariums, and having a kid is a great excuse to keep finding new ones everywhere we go.

The Vancouver Aquarium has a big marine mammal rescue and rehab program.  We were able to see both a dolphin show and a whale show, both of which were a little unique since they featured harbor porpoises and Beluga whales.

No trip to Vancouver is complete without a visit to Granville Island (which is actually a peninsula).  It has a long, rich history, starting out as just a sand bar and going though redevelopment a few times after becoming more of an industrial wasteland.  It's accessible only by boat and the Granville Bridge, and is home to a wonderful public market and art community, with restaurants, galleries, shops, cafes and more.  We even stumbled upon a quilt shop!  If you're ever there, we had an amazing meal at the Sandbar restaurant and would highly recommend it to everyone!

We had a lovely ferry right back to downtown as the sun was setting, and the next morning we were back at Canada Place taking a sneak peek at what was on tap next.

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