Friday, August 15, 2014


Ugh.  I have been avoiding this post for quite some time.  In early June we had to accept that it was time to let our sweet kitty go.  Jeffrey was our first baby boy, and would have turned 17 today.  He had been gradually progressing into chronic renal failure over the past year, and it reached the point that nothing we were doing could help him anymore.

When Jeffrey 1st came home, he looked like such a scared little rat!  He grew into a big, handsome cat in no time.  In fact, at one point he grew so much that we affectionately called him Jeffrey the Hutt.  

Jeffrey was an only child for more than half of his life, and Brent spoiled him something senseless.  He slept on Brent's head almost every night from the very beginning. He was an affectionate little purr ball, but I could have done without all the vomiting.  He was as tolerant as possible when we moved to our new house and brought home another cat.  Simon tormented him at first, but they gradually became buddies and eventually brothers.  They'd often nap together, and they loved to curl up in front of the fire next to each other.

Jeffrey was just as patient and accepting when Joseph was born.  And oh, did Joseph love him so.  He never really chased him around, always just wanting to pet him, kiss him on the head, and show him to all of his friends when he was hiding in the closet upstairs.

Joseph even loved to help "give Jeffrey his water" when we were administering subcutaneous fluids constantly to keep him hydrated.  Poor Jeffrey was so tolerant of it all, but he lost so much weight and stopped eating entirely, and would just curl up in a ball and not move at all from lack of energy.  His renal function tests got so bad that the vet told us there was really no point in prolonging his illness.  We made sure he never got to the point where he was suffering, and he spent much of his final days soaking up the warm sunshine and feeling loved by us all.

Legions worse than having to let a pet go is watching your 6 year old child say goodbye to him before he leaves for school, knowing he won't be there when he comes back.  Absolutely heart wrenching.  We all made it through that day, and it's gotten easier with time, but Jeffrey is never far from our thoughts and is always in our hearts.  Even though he had passed on already, Joseph included him in his drawing on Brent's Father's Day card, and he still often talks about how much he loves him and misses him.  When we feel the time is right we'll have Joseph help us spread Jeffrey's ashes in our garden.

We'll all miss you terribly, Jeffrey.  Rest in peace, my sweet boy.

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