Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Berry Delicious

Cookie of the month for August: another choice from the Martha Stewart Cookies book, Raspberry Cream Sandwiches.  I was a little wary of a fruit-based cookie, but the whole point of this endeavor is to break out of the routine and try new recipes.

The vanilla bean cookies on their own are absolutely amazing.  A little crisp on the edges but so delightfully chewy through the inside.  The filling is made with pureed raspberries, white chocolate and cream.

Joseph gave them the thumbs up before even tasting them, but later declared that they were the best cookie he's ever tasted.  He was literally moaning when he ate them!

Most other people have agreed that they are amazing, but I found the filling to be way, way too sweet.  The reviews online were pretty well split between the lovers and the haters, so I'm not the lone dissenter.  Make some and decide for yourself.  We only had so many to share!

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