Wednesday, July 30, 2014

She Blinded Me With Science

Rather than risk blowing up our house by performing random experiments on our own, we hired the Mad Science of DC company to provide the entertainment for JT's birthday party.  Joseph and his friends donned their safety gear and were ready to get the party started.  They just had to make it past security.

I could not have been more excited when Ali drove up.  I've seen her at several other parties over the years, and she is absolutely the best!  She is so great with engaging and educating the kids.  The company also deserves a major shout out for brainstorming and coming up with a whole show's worth of brand new experiments after learning that Joseph had just seen the only show they perform in outdoor spaces recently.  They wanted to make sure he had a truly unique experience, and I am so grateful for that.

I love how some of the kids got really into it!

But then, who wouldn't, with things like fire, explosions, and confetti cannons?!

The best part is that I got to sit back and enjoy the show too (although I did help out a little bit here and there).

The grand finale was heading out into the front yard for a rocket launch.

Our neighbor took this awesome video of the rocket launch in slow motion.  It seems like nothing is happening for a while, and then off it goes!  It went straight up through the tree top and disappeared into thin air.  My parents then found it around the block as they were driving back to NJ the next day!


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