Sunday, July 13, 2014


A whole week later and I'm just getting around to posting more pics from our holiday weekend in Rehoboth.  Can you tell I'm seriously entrenched in plans for Joseph's upcoming birthday party next week? ;)  Rehoboth is really a quaint little beach town.

Could the 3 of us be any more different at the beach?  Joseph is constantly playing in the sand with toys, Brent is soaking up the sun, and I'm seeking all the shade I can get.  (I did make exceptions and got some exposure while "running the boards" every morning, a new term I learned for running on the boardwalk.)

Joe Joe was lucky to have his best friend along this trip - Ethan's dad, "Mr. Steve." People always say he looks more like Steve than anyone else, but it was kind of uncanny that they were dressed identically too!

I don't think I have ever seen more people crammed onto 1 beach in my life.  You could barely see sand in some places, there were umbrellas as far as the eye could see.  The boardwalk was ridiculously crowded too, but by sunset at least there was room to breathe.

Joseph and I had gone to Rehoboth with friends in the summer of 2012, so this was the 1st time all 3 of us were there together since Joseph was just a month old!  My, how he's grown!

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Anonymous said...

Seems like just yesterday I took those pictures at the beach !! How time has passed! Almost 7 .. Can you believe ?