Saturday, July 26, 2014

Calling All Mad Scientists!

Joseph was talking about having an art themed 7th birthday party for what seemed like forever and a day.  And then we went to Jack's party, and in an instant we moved on to Mad Science.  Not shocking, since he's loved the Mad Science enrichment program at school, and other similar birthday parties, over the past few years.

I immediately fell for this invitation from Invitation Consultants (sorry, I cropped off the bottom half to hide our address and such).  I'm gradually getting more and more skilled at using a graphics design program I own, and I designed an envelope and we hand delivered the majority of the invitations around the neighborhood.

Since it was so incredibly on-theme, I ordered this t-shirt from Poutine Press on Etsy.  It was originally only offered in adult sizes, but I messaged them to see if they would be willing to do a child size, and they agreed immediately.  Great customer service!

I set up a table in front of the entrance to our yard so people would avoid going through the house.  I made a Periodic Table themed welcome banner, and the table was stocked with safety goggles, masks, gloves, and personalized ID badges.  I think I am most proud of those ID's, having designed them from scratch, then printing and laminating them too :)  I was able to get most of the kids' pictures by scanning pages from the school yearbook.

I also created signage for what we called the lab entrance, and even made up a logo for us!  The "Restricted Area" sign is another one of my favorite touches.  Joseph said, "we really didn't need the hand scan sign."  Sigh.

Access granted, of course!  Security clearance level 7 for the 7 year old birthday boy.

The table was set up to mimic the sterile stainless steel bench and instruments in a real lab, with a little lime green for nuclear slime.  The "toxic" labels on the cups were mailing address labels I printed up.  I may never have another party again without making straw toppers!  The biohazard sign printed on yellow card stock was a perfect match for the paper straws.

The kids could not wait to get their hands on the test tubes (with colored water) and pipettes! Dry ice is a must for any science party, and luckily a beverage store near the house sold it, and opened at 6am to boot.

Just happened upon this shower curtain at Bed Bath & Beyond and thought it would make a great backdrop for photos.  Anyone want to guess why my dad's name is?

I set up a buffet table with personalized goodie bags, again in the style of the Periodic Table.  They were mostly empty, intended for the kids to pack up their ID's and safety gear, but I also had test tubes full of Skittles candy and some homemade beaker shaped sugar cookies.  The biohazard labels are actually a roll of tape I got on Amazon.

Every year I have to make a birthday banner, and I stuck with the Periodic Table theme.  The colors were drawn from some science icon clip art I found online.  Turns out there is no element at all that starts with a J, so Joseph got his very own created for him!

There was cake, of course.  More on that later.  But I also made Jello shots.  Yes: Jello. Shots.  Jello Shots!  The kids went crazy over them!!

Joseph really wanted a personalized lab coat like Jack had, so we ordered him one.  And it arrived exactly at the moment the party ended.  Oh well!

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Jen said...

I LOVE your party ideas!! I am getting ready to do a Mad Science theme for my sons class at school and was wondering if you could tell me where you found the graphic you used for your signs. What font did you use for the IDs? LOVE them!! You wouldn't be willing to share the file, would you? :)