Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Birthday Splash!

The stars were aligned this year and I happened to have a rare Friday off from work, on Joseph's actual birthday.  With Mimi also in town, it was a no brainer to not send the birthday boy to camp. Instead we met up with Aunt Missy and her boys at the scene of Joseph's last 2 birthday parties, our favorite water park, The Water Mine.

Seven year olds can't ask for much better than their godmother bringing cupcakes for breakfast!  After that special treat, Joseph and Jack wanted to spend the majority of the day in the lazy river, not floating along, but rather swimming with the current.

There were a few runs down Big Pete, the best water slide they have to offer - which now seems so tiny and tame for them! The boys have grown so much since we first discovered this wonderful place.

There's still plenty of fun to be had in the big pool, especially on the floatables.  Hard to pass up a go at a floating hippo, even for the big boys ;)

There was one last treat with Italian water ices all around, and then we headed home, where Grammy and Grandpa were waiting for our arrival!  

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