Friday, July 4, 2014

A Quilt Without a Purpose

I haven't finished a whole quilt in a long, long time.  Lately I've been juggling multiple smaller projects, which is very atypical of me.  I usually see one project through to the end before moving on to the next one.  Even more unusual is that I've made a project with absolutely no specific recipient in mind.

I came across this adorable little Heather Ross novelty print of clothespin people one day, and figured it would make an adorable baby quilt at some point.  After taking a long arm quilting class at my local quilt shop, I wanted to whip up a small project to get some practice on, and this quilt was born.  I went with a simple hour glass block, which came together pretty quickly, even with all the trimming.

It even looks pretty sweet from the back!

I pulled vibrant colors of hot pink, orange, and limey green to coordinate, but the cream and tan go so well with the clothespins and help tone it down a bit.  It is also impossible for me to make anything without gray in it these days.

This project was meant to be free motion quilted on the long arm, but in the end I let all the diagonal lines speak to me, and I just straight line quilted on both sides of every seam.  I love the parts where the blocks intersect and form a little pinwheel, especially the ones where the points are just perfectly matched.  (And they're most definitely not all perfectly matched...)

I feel badly that this poor little person got her head chopped.  Sometimes things just work out that way.  This dapper young man in pink had a nicer fate.

Do I even need to say a word about the binding?  
OK, one word: L.O.V.E.

Polka dot binding gets me every time.  I have now found that using slightly thinner 2.25" binding strips and the machine binding technique are a winning combo!

So I now have this adorable little baby quilt that was made for no one.  I'm thinking of donating it to charity.

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Jocie Z ROCK said...

carl!! these are just too gorgeous for words.. love your choices of fabric and prints and colors! way to go!!