Thursday, June 5, 2014

WERQ in Progress

OK, here's the backstory:  a few months ago, some of the better known modern male quilters/quilt bloggers got together to form the "No Girls Allowed" quilting bee.  Out of that grew the idea to create a Facebook group page entirely for "Men Who Quilt."  Within that group, one guy reached out to see if anyone else was interested in forming a men's quilting bee too, and I signed up.  And the WERQ bee was formed, for men Who Enjoy Rigorous Quilting.

If you've processed all that, and had a chance to stop laughing, the story continues in that one of my fellow bee members lives in Boston, and another was in the process of relocating there, so the 3 of us met up after all my college reunion activities were over.  At the Museum of Fine Arts, where there was karmically an exhibit about quilts and color.  And it was awesome.

I'll admit it's a little weird to think of randomly meeting up with people you just met on the internet, but I really connected with T and Brian, and am so lucky to have become fast friends with them.

I've never been in a quilting bee before and was so thrilled that T put this together.  The way it goes is that each month there is a leader, typically called the Queen Bee (insert gay joke here), that gives the group directions on creating a block.  Each worker bee (can i get away with "werqer" here?) makes 2 blocks to send to the leader, which will then be turned into a full size quilt.  I guess the underlying theme behind a quilt bee is that you can accomplish more together than you can on your own.

Our organizer, T, was up 1st in February, and asked for low volume grey tiles with interspersed string pieced pops of aqua and blue.  That makes no sense to anyone reading this, but I loved it and I think it's beautiful!

The next guy, Johnny, went open-ended and asked for "Spring Log Cabins" in tones of lime and teal. He wanted us to be as creative as possible.  You don't have to know what log cabin blocks are, but you should know that I loved these blocks so much that I am terribly sad that I will never see them again.  Johnny better werq some magic with them.

In April, Dylan gave us interesting instructions for a modified "square in a square" block.  He requested one in black and white going from dark to light, and one in a color palate and range of our choice.  I pulled a great selection of fabrics from my stash for the color block but couldn't decide if I wanted to go dark to light or light to dark, so I just made them both.  Again, I completely love them, and will miss them dearly.

May was my month, and all I gotta say is I put the R in WERQ.  Because my love is an absolute Anglophile, I picked a Union Jack block.  It requires some tedious piecing, which stresses skills more than design.  It was my 1st time writing directions for other people, but luckily I had a good place to start with in this tutorial from Molli Sparkles (who happens to be one of the quilters I referenced way back at the beginning of the post).  I'm just starting to get my blocks in the mail now !

To redeem myself from all the quilty stuff, here's an awesome Instagram of mine from the amazing statue outside of the MFA in Boston where we saw our quilt show, called "Appeal to the Great Spirit."

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