Saturday, June 21, 2014

Paw Prints

Our elementary school mascot is the Janney Jaguar, and the staff does this cute thing  passing out paw print certificates to students whenever they feel they've earned one with exemplary behavior.  A kid can get one individually, or a class as a whole can earn them too.  When a class accumulates enough paw prints, they get to have a celebration!  To celebrate the end of the school year and the arrival of summer, I made paw print cookies as treat for Joseph's class.

I used my favorite recipe for sugar cookies and royal icing from the Cookie Craft cookbook, and a technique for 20 second icing that I love that requires little to no piping skills.  I used an edible marking pen to draw the outlines on the first dozen cookies, but after that I was comfortable enough to freehand all the rest - just another 4 dozen or so!

After that dried, I went back in and filled in the background with white icing using the same technique.

Et voila, we had paw print cookies!  Lots and lots of paw print cookies, which Joseph was so excited to give to his friends.

I created a label and printed out multiples on sticker-backed paper, then packaged up a pair of cookies  in cellophane bags for each recipient.  We had enough for every classmate and all the teachers too.

They were such a huge hit that I'm sure I'll be making dozen upon dozen more of them for many different school occasions over the next 4 years.

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