Sunday, June 22, 2014

Farewell, Fabulous Firsts

Goodbye, my dear Rockstar class.  I don't know about Joseph, but I will miss you all terribly.  I can't believe 1st grade is over! I was as present as I could be throughout the year, volunteering as the lead room parent, organizing parties, chaperoning field trips, collecting for teacher gifts, decorating bulletin boards, stuffing "Take Home Tuesday" envelopes, whatever they would let me do.  I feel like I practically know all 22 of the other kids and their families as well as my own.  And yet I still feel like I missed out on so much when I had to go to work 3 days a week.

We squeezed in one last event the day before school ended, a celebration for all the kids with summer birthdays.  Joseph just happens to be one of them!  Edison's mom hatched a plan to bring ice cream sandwiches and have the kids play outside, and suggested we get some sidewalk chalk for everyone.  I ran with that idea and made up individual bags with a label that looked like a chalkboard.  Who knew I had a chalk font on my computer?  The kids actually loved it and drew all over the blacktop.

I got a little surprise of my own on the last "Take Home Tuesday." The class had made a card for me with lovely messages of appreciation, and George and Laszlo read a letter the class had written to me as well.  "Thank you for enriching our lives."  Sigh...... And totes adorbs that they all call me "Dr. Carl."  I was also presented with a canvas wrapped print of the class from mustache day, when I made chocolate lollipop mustaches for the lot of them.

It took until the absolute very last day of school, but I finally got a picture of Joseph with his teacher, Ms. Klane.  She really went above and beyond to make sure that Joseph succeeded this year, and there are not enough words in the world to express our gratitude.

Day after day, volumes of papers and books and pictures came home in Joseph's backpack.  So much of it is destined for the recycling bin, but on the last day these 2 gems came home.  The 1st is a note from Ms. Klane on the back of the picture she took of him on the 1st day of school.  Heart: melted.

The second is something they must have done the last week of school - passing around papers with one student's name on it, and the others got to write compliments about them. "I like your Mohawk."  "I think you are very smart and clever."  "You are very nice to us."  "You are cool."  "You're my best friend."  "I am impressed with your writing."

How am I going to make it through summer without all of this cuteness???

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Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of J.T. Ms. Klane said it best.. Kudos to you Carl , it's great to be appreciated. Hugs MiMi