Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Class of '89

You can do the math: it's been 25 years since I graduated from Boston College, and high time I finally got around to attending a reunion.  It's been crazy fun on Facebook these past few weeks with everyone scanning and posting pics from our days on The Heights.  Aside from one of most favorite pictures ever, the one above of me and my good friends on graduation day, I'll share just one other, of my original college ID (with an identity theft's dream blurred out - my full name, date of birth, social security number, and home address).  The evolution of my hair throughout college is something left for another time.

More than anything, being back in Boston was a dream come true for me.  I have so many wonderful memories of my time there, and it holds such a special place in my heart.  It's the place I called home for 9 years after leaving my family for the 1st time, the city where I truly became an adult and figured out who I was and what I wanted out of life, the place that trained me for the career I still hold, and the place that I met my life long bestest friend in the world.  Who could ask for more?

Although we've been to Cape Cod a few times, we haven't been back in the city itself for almost 6 years.  I was never a runner in my 9 years in Beantown, so this visit I made sure to get in a morning run along the Charles River.  Absolutely amazing, and not as tiring as usual since I was stopping to take pictures often enough.

We spent a little time in the morning touring the campus with some friends and hitting the bookstore for some Eagles swag.  BC truly has a beautiful campus!  So much of it, like my old dorm, is unchanged, outside of the brand new building in the middle of the campus green that looks like it's been there forever.  Joseph fits right in!

We then drove out to the suburbs for a family BBQ where we got to catch up and meet everyone's spouses and kids.

At night I was on my own for the main event, the class of '89 reception.  Brent stayed at the hotel with Joseph, and I took the T all the way down Comm Ave to Chestnut Hill.  It was an incredibly fun night hanging out with old friends, getting reacquainted with some people I had forgotten, and even making some new friends along the way.  With a class of 2000 people, there were plenty of people I'd never met.

Luckily we had some time the next day to walk around the city and see some of the familiar sights.  Honestly, I could have spent a full week there and not run out of things I wanted to do.  But I know Mike's Pastries will always be waiting for me in the North End next time I make it back up.

Now I know most of this post was about college, but I can't neglect the fact that this year was also my 20th reunion for Tufts Medical School.  I took a year off between college and med school, so my reunions are always the same year.  It just wasn't feasible to fly to Boston 2 separate weekends in the same month for the 2 reunions.  Maybe I'll catch up with my old roommate Heidi and the rest of the Jumbos next time around.

Until next time, '89'ers, here's a chorus of our fight song:
For Boston, for Boston, we sing our proud refrain
For Boston, for Boston, 'tis wisdom's earthly fame
For here are all one and our hearts are true
And the towers on the heights reach the heavens' own blue
For Boston, for Boston, 'til the echoes ring again

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Rgutro said...

Carl- Thanks for sharing! I grew up in the Boston area, and it was great to see the beauty of the city in the springtime. Sounds like a great time from someone who really appreciates it. Time flies. I've been out of school about the same amount of time. - Next time you're back there go visit the Adams Mansion and two Adams houses in Quincy- home of 2 presidents. Really fascinating.