Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Professor Turns 7

Joseph went mad for Jack's Mad Science birthday party last weekend!  Not shocking, since he's currently enrolled in a Mad Science enrichment program after school on Fridays.

The professor and his little brother, with help from the best lab assistant a boy could hope for (their mom, Missy, of course!), prepped all the guests for some wacky experiments with safety goggles and photo  ID's.

Dr. Jack was caught cooking up some chemical reactions of his own until the professionals arrived.  Joseph was front and center, often on the edge of his seat, and happily volunteered to help out any chance he could.

Making slime is always a favorite with 6 and 7 year olds, but not before taking an oath to not eat it and to keep it off of the furniture and carpets at home.

But not much compares to launching a real rocket!

The lunch tables were set with all the amazing details Missy always dreams up: a periodic table back drop, a birthday banner made of beakers, H2O bottles, petri dishes with Jello and gummy worms,  gum ball molecules, and lots of biohazard signs.

Dry ice was procured at the last minute for some bubbling centerpieces, and the kids couldn't get enough of it!

Mr. Matt came through with some explosive fun of this own at the end of the party, making a geyser out of soda bottles and Mentos candy.  Twice!


Joseph had been talking about having an art party for his own birthday come July, but now he's focused on Mad Science!

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