Tuesday, May 13, 2014


The old blog isn't seeing much activity this month, is it?  I guess there haven't been a lot of major goings-on lately.  Just lots of little random stuff.

Like goats visiting the school.  Yes, goats!  In DC public school!

Well, why not goats, when there are eggs incubating in the classroom?  It's a regular farm here in Tenleytown.  I just so happened to be there last week on a day when it was Joseph's turn to rotate the eggs.

Also at school recently: "Get Crafty!" with Ms. Spears.  It was one of the items we won at the annual school auction in March.  Joseph and seven other boys of his choosing from class got to spend a few hours after school having snacks and doing various crafts with one of the loveliest people at Janney Elementary, the primary interventionist.

Otherwise it's been pretty low key for the Alton Boys, spending a few hours on a lazy Saturday morning building some crazy Lego "Legends of Chima" scorpion vehicle, or having a quick light saber duel before heading off to school in the morning.

Actually, the most random thing of all happened last night while I was getting dinner ready.  Out of nowhere Joseph says, "So I wonder when [my birthmother] is going to give us another baby." Um, WHAT?  Well, I don't think ever, but now we have something good to talk about.

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