Sunday, May 25, 2014

Pan Asian

If the world ever runs out of Mexican food (most notably steak quesadillas with a side of rice and beans), we should be OK, since JT does mighty fine with Asian cuisine as well.  "Peanut chicken" (aka Kung Pao), fried rice, and spring rolls are all favorites from our local Chinese place, Mei Wah.

He loved the satay, curry, and noodle dishes at Tara Thai.  For months now he's been stealing sushi off our plates and insisting one of us get some for lunch on the weekends so we can share with him.  We finally ordered him his own California rolls when we had dinner at Passion Fin last week.  So much fun to see him use kiddie chopsticks now!

I love that he's become even more of an adventurous eater over the past year!  The fun cocktails don't hurt either.

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Anonymous said...

Smart the cute little drink and I just love that boy. Love MiMi