Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Baking With Brianna

My friend Jocelyn and I had our sights set on several items at the annual school auction in March, one in particular being an afternoon of baking with Ms. Brianna, one of the 1st grade primary interventionists.  Joseph has worked so closely with her this year and made such incredible strides in reading.  All the kids love her, so Joce and I teamed up to make sure we won the item for Joseph and Zara.  They were allowed to bring one more friend, and Lizzie joined in on the baking fun this past weekend.

Being the baker that I am, I gladly offered up our kitchen and most of the supplies.  Brianna let the kids pick two recipes from a list of options in advance.  They both bleed chocolate, and quickly settled on chocolate marshmallow surprise cookies and chocolate chip cookie bars (a favorite family recipe of Brianna's!).

There was no shortage of volunteers when the mixing and measuring commenced!  The kids took turns doing everything, even prepping the pan by "painting" with butter and spreading out the batter.

While the cookie bars baked, it was on to part two, making the chocolate surprise cookies.  These kids measured and whisked and scooped batter like pros.  That, and Brianna has the patience of a saint.

When the cookies are almost done, you press in half a marshmallow, and bake them just a little longer.  They even got to work on fractions and math skills in the process ;)

Then they whipped up a chocolate icing to put on top to cover and hide the marshmallow - hence the surprise when you bite into them.  Yum!

And yes, Brianna even made them help clean up.  Thank. Goodness.

Of course they got to sample the end products!  Maybe it wasn't a great idea to have them all yell "marshmallow!!!!!"  Luckily we got to divide up the rest and send them home with everyone.  We do not need that many cookies in our house all at once.

Even though I didn't bake them myself, I think I'm going to let these be the cookie of the month for May.  Here's the link for the Martha Stewart recipe for Surprise Cookies if you want to try some.  They're delish, plus the kids think it's hysterical to try to fool people into thinking they are just plain chocolate cookies.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like your going to have a little competition Daddy..i hope i am always there when the cook offs take place.. hugs MIMI