Saturday, April 19, 2014

Estabrook Egg Hunt

For probably the 1st time ever I was thrilled with the prediction of a dreary, rainy week, since it resulted in Missy moving the annual Estabrook Egg Hunt from a day I was working to one I had off.

One of my favorite parts is arriving early and spending time with Mis, helping her hide 600 or 700 hundred eggs in every imaginable place of her yard.  Tape helps us with creative placement, and this year there was the addition of a handful of golden eggs with a special surprise inside.

Joseph was the first to spot the arrival of the Easter Bunny (secretly known to many as Uncle Matt, who had spent several hours pre-hydrating so as not to suffer heat exhaustion after several hours in crazy 80 degree weather).

Joseph scored his fair share of eggs, as well as a coveted golden one!  But face time with the Bunny is the best thing ever!

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