Thursday, March 27, 2014

We Built This City

I volunteered again this year to help out with our class creation for the annual school auction.  This collage of the Seattle skyline made from newspaper on canvas, found on Pinterest, grabbed me immediately.  DC just happens to have one of the best city skylines around!

We started out with a sky blue tissue paper background (adhered with "Mod Podge").  We couldn't tell there was variation in the color until it dried, but it was easy to cover the seam and smooth the transition by putting the Washington Monument right over it.  I experimented with clip art printouts until I got the size and placement of the other monuments right.  Joseph decided the sky needed a sun and some clouds, so I let him play around.

Another parent and I traced and cut out all the pieces of newspaper (from the Washington Post, of course!), then we brought the canvas in to school to let the kids have at it with glue.

Another trip back a few weeks later and the kids accented it with acrylic paint and stencils.  Joseph and his buddy Charles helped out on the Potomac River and some grass on the Mall.

It still just didn't seem done to us, maybe because it was a bit lopsided from the dark stencil over the Capitol Building.  Another parent we knew from our kindergarten class, who is a professional artist, graciously helped us out by adding some shading and accents on the other side, like the Cherry Blossoms on the Jefferson Memorial.

Here's the finished project!

And the most amazing news: it sold at auction for $510!!

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Rgutro said...

Wow- that's amazing. Congrats on the sale of it, too. You guys are incredibly talented and Joseph is learning from the best dads.