Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Missing Mardi Gras

We have not been back down to Louisiana for Mardi Gras in Way. Too. Long. There is so much pressure about unexcused absences at school that we've felt much too guilty about taking Joseph out.  Then again, they do allow absences for religious events and family functions, and this qualifies as both.  Next year, no excuses!  (Plus, it happens to fall on Presidents' Day weekend in 2015 anyway!)

Since we can't miss school to go to Mardi Gras and celebrate, we decided to celebrate and bring Mardi Gras to school.  I ordered a bunch of beads and doubloons from Oriental Trading and made up bags of "throws" for all of Joseph's classmates, then attached each bag to a mask.

I also made some cute labels to attach to the bags.

Joseph got to pass them out at the end of the day and wish everyone a happy Mardi Gras.  Hopefully they all got to "laissez les bon temps rouler!"

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