Tuesday, March 25, 2014

High Tea

B and I agreed not to buy each other birthday presents this year, but of course we still wanted to celebrate our special days.  Where do you bring a self-professed Anglophile who is obsessed with Downton Abbey?  High Tea at the Willard Intercontinental!

Lady Mary and Lord Grantham weren't available to join us, but Brent's mom was in town for the weekend and was the perfect addition to our party.  The only thing better would have been for Mr. Carson to serve it up himself.  Joseph had quite the pinky for tea!

Joseph and I had run out earlier in the day to pick up some famous Georgetown Cupcakes.  We soooooo didn't need them after all the delicious treats at tea, but the salted caramel ones were to die for.

Joseph also made a special card for Papa.  Quite a mess involved, but such a lovely sentiment.

Happy 46th drth day, Brent!  You are awesome!

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