Sunday, March 16, 2014

Globe Trotting

It's been several years (OK, make that many, many decades) since I've seen the Harlem Globetrotters.  But it seemed like a great idea to take Joseph for a show when a classmate said they were coming to town and they could get discounted tickets through their scout troop.  Off to the Verizon Center we went yesterday!

So, so, so stinking cute to see the bunch of them all lined up, mouths open in amazement at their skill and silliness.  We had pretty good seats!

The Globetrotters apparently are sponsored by a pistachio company, as all ticket holders were given a pistachio green towel to wave in the air and whoop it up on cue.  Still, they put on a pretty fun show.  Luckily the clock doesn't stop running when they break for a line dance.

The kids were pretty amused and entertained by all their trick shots.  And goofy jokes.  Pants-ing someone never gets old, especially when it's a 7 foot tall man wearing a tutu under his shorts.

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