Tuesday, March 18, 2014


After a weekend of phenomenal 60+ degree weather, it was almost surreal to wake up yesterday morning to a good 6 inches of snow.  Again.  The reality of yet another snow day off from school, on St. Patrick's Day at that, had Joseph and his fellow first graders truly believing in the luck of the Irish.

One of the greatest things about our block is that so many of us have kids in the same age range who play so well together, and we can easily all take turns having the kids at over for a few hours to give each other a break.  My office decided to open late, so I volunteered for the first shift.  The kids found these alphabet beads that I have bought but never opened, so I grabbed some green ribbon and turned it into an impromptu St. Patrick's Day craft.

I was off to work right after lunch, just when the little Leprechauns were about to start up some mischief.  Lucky all around!

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