Monday, March 24, 2014

Aztec Extravaganza

The first graders have been learning all about ancient civilization recently.  Joseph's class focused on Aztec culture while other classes studied the Inca and Maya. Last week all the parents were treated to a song, presentation, tour of craft projects, and a potluck.  Joseph got to get the party started with his introduction!  

Maya, Aztec, Inca
Lived a long time ago
They're interesting people
Who lived near Mexico

The Maya people
A long time ago
Built great pyramids
They're incredible

The Aztec people
Had great might
They were strong warriors
You should have seen them fight

The Inca people
Up and down they go
They used the llamas
To move things to and fro.

They were so many things on display for us to see: codices, masks, molas, sunstone calendar puzzles, and cacoa seed pods.

The kids hung their cacao pods on a tree I made out of brown craft paper and green scrapbooking paper in the hallway outside the classroom.  Inside the pods were interesting facts about the Aztec.  Joseph's says "They use cacao seeds to make money."

Here are some of Joe Joe's projects.  
He was very proud of all his work.

You know what else happened a long time ago?  We traveled to Mexico.  Twice!  Pre-kid, of course.  And I have to tell you, those pyramids are incredible!

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