Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Keeper of Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley has had quite an adventure since we brought him to New York.  After taking our own photos with him over Thanksgiving, our instructions were to pack him up and send him off to explore the world, reporting back to his teacher with pictures from time to time.  Every time a photo came back to his teacher, we would print it out and hang it on a map in the classroom (which was a free download from Mr. Printables!) so the kids would learn a little bit about geography.

Joseph wrote a letter that says "Dear Keeper of Flat Stanley.  Thank you for traveling with Flat Stanley.  I have 2 cats.  I've been reading Flat Stanley [books].  I want you to keep him safe.  Love, Joseph."  We sent Stanley off to my best friend, Lance, who lives just outside of San Francisco, since none of the class Stanleys had been to the west coast.

Uncle Lance kindly showed Stanley the Golden Gate Bridge, and then carefully orchestrated a tour with his family that included a visit with his niece, Tasha, in New Mexico,

then a flight up to Seattle, Washington,

and finally leaving U.S. soil for:

no, not the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia (although that would have been so incredibly cool!!), but Whistler Olympic Park in Canada.  And with that, Flat Stanley gets to take a break, since the 1st graders are starting a lesson plan on the Aztecs, and the map on the bulletin board needs to make way for new artwork.  Unless anyone you know is going to Mexico, Stanley would love to tag along!

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