Thursday, February 13, 2014

Pax Attacks

So, when did they start naming winter storms?  And why?  And who would choose a moniker for a storm that means "peace?"  We haven't had a really good snowfall around here until Pax dropped about a  foot of snow on our doorstep overnight.

I would rather have gone to the gym and enjoyed my day off, but school was canceled and there was just a *little* snow to be shoveled.  Our neighbors' dog was in chin deep!

Another snow day turned a 4 day weekend (due to a professional day and Presidents Day) into a 5 day weekend.  We figured that by midday everyone would be going stir crazy, so we hosted an afternoon movie screening with our bestest buddies.  The kids enjoyed Turbo and popcorn, and sanity was restored for a least a little while.

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Elder Colby Holt said...

very neat and creative idea!