Tuesday, February 18, 2014

100 Days

The 100th day of school celebration finally happened last week, just before another snow storm hit us and the kids were overjoyed with an unexpected 5 day weekend.  They each had to make a 100 item poster - there's Joseph's googly eyeballs project on the bottom left.

Each classroom hosted a craft station that all the other classes rotated through.  Ours made noisemakers, having each student count out 100 small items from the table (beans, pebbles, Cheerios, etc) into a folded paper plate that was stapled together.  They then got to decorate them and play along with some music before moving on to the next class.

As lead room parent, I rose to the challenge of stapling together all the paper plates on my own.  Ten or 20 at a time, here and there over the prior weekend, until all 150 were done.  Imagine my confusion when there was an entire bag left over, and my disappointment when the teacher reread her email to me asking me for 114, not 144 as I had misread.

After all the craft stations were done, it was treat time.  100 days calls for 100 donuts!

Of course my favorite part in all of this is Joseph's 100 day reflection.

It says "Dear Daddy and Papa, I am most proud of writing.  I have been working hard at reading.  I still work on math.  A goal for myself is handwriting."  My heart just about completely melts reading that.  It doesn't come easily for him and he really does work so hard.  I couldn't be any prouder of him.  Especially when he draws his own lines to write on in the space he is supposed to draw a picture, ignoring the lines that are right below it.  He's an independent thinker, that one.

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