Sunday, January 12, 2014

Snowshoe Mountain

We get such a ridiculously long winter break with DC Public Schools - all the way to January 7th! - but it does afford us a chance to actually have a vacation after the craziness of the holidays.   We had such a great time on our first ski trip last year that we decided to go for it again this year, and Ethan and his parents were game too.  Instead of returning to Wintergreen, we tried a new venue and headed out on New Year's Day for Showshoe, West Virginia.

We haven't had much snow in DC yet, so the boys were thrilled when it snowed from sun up until sundown our first full day there.  Coincidentally, a big storm hit the east coast while we were out of town!

We stayed in a townhouse in Logger's Run, on the South Mountain.  There was a path right behind our place that led to the "Top of the World" ski rentals, so we walked on over and skied on back.  We could literally ski out of our place to the top of the Upper Flume Trail, and take a ski lift back home after a day on the slopes!

The weather changed so dramatically, but could not have been more perfect.  We had snow as far as the eye can see while we were getting our gear and arranging lessons for the boys, then clear skies for miles when it was time to hit the slopes the next day.  

Regardless of what the skies looked like, I spent most of the time looking like this:

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