Thursday, January 23, 2014

Slippery Slopes

It was kind of surprising to realize that we've never really gone sledding all that much.  We haven't even had much snow in DC the past few years.  But with our recent winter weather granting us 2 snow days off from school after an already long holiday weekend, it was the thing to do!

We started out with a few runs down the short slope in our neighbors' backyard, but the boys easily bored of that and it was off to Fort Bayard park just a few blocks away for a little more excitement.

We managed to accumulate a good 5 inches of snow or so over the course of the day.  Amazing how the view from our front door changed so much from 8am to 8pm.

Why do we have an LSU snow hat?  Does it ever even snow in Louisiana???

And now for videos!  On the very first run in Ethan's backyard I was surely glad that  my ankle was bolted back together.

The kids of course enjoyed the much longer and faster runs down the big hill at the park.  I learned to get out of the way as Ethan whipped by.  JT was cautious his first time, but after that there was no slowing them down, whether they went together or alone.

There were plenty of other crashes I didn't catch on video, but Brent and Lisa each got taken out as they tried to slow the kids down and prevent them from hitting a tree or heading into the street.  Seriously, we were magnets for this sled!  I started the day with a crash, so fitting I ended it with one too.

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