Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Rave Reviews

We're just back from a predominantly technology free vacation, so I'm finally getting around to a post about our New Year's Eve celebration.  We've gotten used to spending the holiday these past few years with a few of our closest friends and having a kids' dance party with an 8pm countdown.  With our kids now all in separate classes, their social circles have significantly widened and there were far too many friends we wanted to include to make a house party feasible.

Our thoughts quickly ballooned into the concept of throwing a blowout warehouse rave, and somehow things amazingly fell into place.  Lisa (Ethan's mom) hired a DJ she knew through work, and we had an old preschool contact that hooked us up with a rental of the enormous basement of the Korean Baptist church just blocks from our houses, so no one had to travel far.

We transformed the somewhat dingy space into a kid version of a hip club with balloons, streamers, strings of white lights, and a disco ball.  We set up bar and buffet stations and had plenty of tables and chairs on one end of the room, and had the DJ set up on the stage and kept an area clear for the dance floor on the other end. There was a $10 per person "cover charge" for drinks, snacks, and an awesome barbecue spread from Red, Hot & Blue that Jocelyn (Zara's mom) arranged.  My major contribution consisted of dozens and dozens of home made cookies, and a truly epic number of my famous cake pops (more than 130, with 3 different varieties!).

Joseph, Ethan, and Zara got to invite all of their friends to their big bash, and were excellent hosts!

You know there had to be a conga line!  And a limbo.  The DJ also played some games with the kids, but mostly they just danced like maniacs wearing glowsticks - almost impossible to capture in photos!

There were close to 100 people there, with probably around 40 kids on and around the stage for the countdown to "midnight" (which I didn't record since my battery died).

A few videos of the night:
(and will these children ever tire of Gangnam Style?)

The party was a smashing success, and we got rave reviews all night for putting this "rave" together and pulling it off.  Before the night was over there was already buzz of this being an annual event, with people offering to help in the planning and trying to secure a spot on the invitation list.  Our kids will be legend at Janney Elementary!  What a great way to ring in the new year!

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