Saturday, January 25, 2014

Fossils and Gems

First field trip of the school year!  The kids are learning all about rocks (which sounds a lot better if you say they are studying geology in Earth Science), so they went to the National Museum of Natural History to get an up close and personal look at all kinds cool stuff.  I signed up to be a chaperone and was assigned 5 kids to supervise, which included my Joe Joe.

The kids were given a scavenger hunt checklist and searched for specific fossils, gem colors, and interesting things like a giant crystal ball, a rock that became magnetic after it was struck by lightening, and a meteor from outer space.

The trip was timed perfectly, as the hall that houses the dinosaurs is about to be closed in April for a 5 year renovation.  The space will undergo a complete overhaul before the permanent fossil hall reopens in 2019.  Although there are plenty of other wonders there, like the 8 ton African elephant in the rotunda or the Hope Diamond, not much compares to the amazement of a young one when they see the giant T. rex.  We really appreciated one last look at our dinosaur friends, knowing the kids will probably have lost their fascination with them by the time they are on display again.

It was a crazy, hectic, stressful time keeping 5 little ones in check, but I arrived with five and I left with five.  Winning!

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