Monday, January 13, 2014

Easy Being Green

Joseph looks like a natural on skis, doesn't he?

However, having taken his 1st lessons a whole year ago, he was absolutely going back to ski school.  We signed him up for a 2 hour private group lesson with his buddy Ethan, and Ethan's dad too, and each of the kids had an additional individual private lesson the following day.  

It amazed us how enthusiastic the boys were to get up on skis again, having had such little prior experience.  They had phenomenal instructors who kept them interested, energized, and encouraged to keep at it.  (You guys rock, Mr. Jeremy and Mr. Dave!)

Meanwhile, Brent and I, with Ethan's mom, Lisa, got some grown up time to explore the trails on our own.  I was actually not nervous to ski after my ankle surgery, but we stuck to the greens and it was plenty exciting for me.  Also good to know that the ski patrol was always nearby, and happy to pop into a photo.

By the end of the 2nd day of lessons, complete with rides on the ski lift, both boys wanted to head down the mountain!  Ethan was truly ready and did the entire run on his own.  Joseph still needed a quite bit of assistance, but we made it down alive.  He's getting better at turning, but he's still not so great at slowing down and stopping.

Here' some video action of Joseph practicing with us:

And here's a sample of what he did with an instructor:
(Thanks, Steve, for the footage)

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