Tuesday, January 28, 2014


The students at Janney Elementary were recently visited by the mascot of our local American University, Clawed Z. Eagle.  (I guess that's supposed to be like Claude, the eagle?  Kinda cute.)  Clawed, along with some ridiculously tall guys, came to tell the kids about Janney Day at AU, and invited them all to come see a men's basketball game, for free!

Since most of us are constantly telling our kids that they are never allowed to leave home, and AU is the perfect school for them when it comes time to apply for college, we took the opportunity to get them excited about and peak their interest in their future home of higher education.  I unfortunately had to work, but from Brent's pictures, it looks like half the first grade class took over the bleachers.  And they got free t-shirts too!  Score one for American U!

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