Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Night Before ICE!-Mas

There are so many fun things to do around the holidays, and we always try to carve out some time to see the ICE! display most years, which is part of the Christmas on the Potomac festivities at the Gaylord National hotel.  This year we came upon a great deal: a room for one night, priority entrance to ICE! included, a free picture, and $100 in credit for food and/or merchandise.  Sold!  We got together with friends and booked 3 adjoining rooms, and even upgraded to an atrium view so the kids could watch the hourly light show, dancing fountains, and indoor snowfall.

This year's theme was the classic Christmas story "The Night Before Christmas," sculpted from over 2 million pounds of ice over the course of  a month by a group of ice artisans from China.

The biggest attraction by far were the ice slides, including a new 2 story tall slide.  Despite the sub-zero temps, the kids could have stayed there for hours.  I'm still a little wary of slides myself....  At the end there was also a new attraction featuring all the sights of Christmas in New York.

Our free pictures!
In the 2nd one the boys were pretending to be freezing cold.

Take a look back at the shows from 2011 and 2010.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures... And I love everyone in the pictures...Merry Christmas to all and Happy New year , XXOO MiMi