Saturday, December 28, 2013

Snowman Stacks

It's been that time of the year when, as always, I am All. About. the Cookies!  I bake like a maniac in every spare moment for weeks and give lots of cookie boxes out as presents.  Brent's coworkers have come to expect them after all these years and can't wait to get their hands on them at their office holiday party.  This year I somehow managed to get a head start on things and had several batches of my world famous chewy ginger cookies and Mexican hot chocolate cookies baked and frozen well in advance.

And then life happened.  Too many commitments, too many travel plans, too much to do at my "real job," too many days off from school, and far too much illness than we've ever experienced before (strep, fevers, & pneumonia - all for Joseph - and then the stomach bug for everyone!), and all I could do was watch the time slip away.  This is not necessarily anything new.  It happens every year to some degree.  My mantra is "plan big and whittle down."  But this year it was off the hook.  I was in the weeds for weeks.  And weeks.  (Or to use the term my friend Joce and I coined a few years ago, I was "knee deep in fondant.")

I managed to power through dozens of red velvet cake pops and a batch of mini pumpkin loaves.  I was forced to scrap the rugelach and the peppermint meringues.  (Every year, the poor peppermint meringues get the axe.  I have yet to ever make them!)  All the while, the sugar cookie dough I made just chilled in the fridge.

I like to do something new and different with my sugar cookies every year, but I hadn't even come up with a plan yet.  I knew I had to bang them out quickly, and this was the easiest thing I could think of.  Three different size round cookies, only 1 color of icing, and some edible food markers.   A fraction of the work, minimal decorating......and yet....I LOVE them.  I can't believe I am even remotely acknowledging that sometimes simpler is better ;)

Stack them up any way you like.
It's OK to play with your food!

In terms of real snow, this was about all we've had so far this year.  One dusting, and one sloppy, slushy mess.  Joseph was sick both times and barely got to play in it at all.

But don't feel badly for him.  He loves his cool new boots, and in no time at all we'll be off snow tubing and skiing to his heart's content.

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Anonymous said...

Planning big and whittling looks good to me...would loved to have shared one with J.T. Love you guys ..MiMi