Monday, October 7, 2013


We have an absolutely amazing school garden at Janney!  It's been a great way to peak kids' interest in growing, harvesting, and preparing healthy foods.  They are involved in every aspect of the process from planting the seeds to watering the beds, and tending to the garden over the summer months.  This year we even have a weekly farmer's market where some of the produce is sold, and we've teamed up with a local organic farm who provides of us a great variety of fresh fruit, veggies, and herbs. The students now also get to be involved in the business aspects of the market since they calculate prices and man the cash registers.

There was something new in the Janney garden last week - two chickens!  It is illegal to own livestock within the District of Columbia, but apparently you can rent just about anything!  Soon they'll be adding farm-fresh eggs to the weekly market.

The kids were ridiculously excited about the chickens.  I, for one, couldn't help recall how adorable Joe Joe was when I dressed him up as a rooster for Halloween when he was 1 year old.  Nothing has changed much over the years, as he's still pretty much up with the chickens.  But now he has good company!

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