Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Busy Builder

With Brent working much of the weekend, JT and I had a LOT of time to kill fill.  Sometimes it's fun to just stay in and work with what you've got rather than running around the city trying to find some fabulous new activity.  I should mention, proudly, that Joseph build these masterpieces entirely on his own, from design to execution.  I would be very glad indeed if he were to become an architect!

First up, out of an entire set of wood blocks, was the secret hideout of well known master spy Finn McMissile, from Cars 2.  If only you could see the secret lasers, hidden doorways, and booby traps that keep his enemies like Miles Axelrod out!

And then on to a double set of Magnatiles to create a jail with all shapes and sizes of cells for all the other villains including Acer.  Plus there was a special exit via a space age tunnel back to Finn's hideout.

And once Papa came home, the building continued with the assembly of the Lego Ninjago Temple of Light.  Thankfully that one came with instructions.

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