Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tooth Two

We've been waiting for this 2nd tooth to fall out for weeks.  Months, even!  At his cleaning last week, the dentist promised Joseph that it would fall out by the weekend if he just kept wiggling it with his tongue.  Dr. K's prediction was a little off, but as we were walking into tae kwan do class yesterday afternoon, Joseph stops at the doorway and just hands me his tooth.  And the Tooth Fairy returns!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Chloe 2.0

Our neighbors' daughter Chloe, the closest we'll ever get to a daughter, recently turned two and had her birthday party last weekend.

They hired a group of young entrepreneurs - 3 sisters from a family at our elementary school who started their own business called Balloon Zoom - to entertain the kids with glitter tattoos and spin art.

Joseph could have monopolized that spin art machine all afternoon.  We came home with 4 of his own masterpieces, and he "helped" many of the little 2 year old guests with theirs as well.

Sweet Chloe is not a big fan of cake, so she got a Carvel ice cream cake instead, which I helped adorn with a "2" made out of purple sprinkles.  Clearly a girl after my own heart, as that was my birthday cake of choice growing up for as long as I can remember.

I never did get a great picture of Chloe by herself during her party, but her parents forwarded me several pictures of her happy as can be playing with the horsies we gave her the second she woke up from her nap.  Happy birthday, Chloe!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Carving Out Traditions

Joseph's friend Skyler's mom wanted to start a new tradition by hosting some of his friends over for a pumpkin carving party over the weekend.  I showed up ready to go with surgical gloves and power tools!  But mostly I just gutted the majority of the pumpkins and the kids did the rest of the work themselves.

Our many years of carving together must have prepared Joseph well.  He was a pro and carved the entire thing by himself (with Brent holding the pumpkin steady) while I helped some of other kids.  It's kind of frightening seeing him wield a knife like that!

Nick is the cutest kid and was such fun to work with.  Somehow people were able to tell I helped on this one just a tiny bit.

That's OK, I wasn't the only one getting my hands dirty.

They did such a great job!  Great tradition to start :)

Joseph could not wait to get his home and light it up!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

In a Galaxy Far, Far Away.....

...a Jedi in training named Ethan had a birthday party!  Upon our arrival at Butler's Orchard, each apprentice was given their Padawan tunic and unleashed in the wild to practice their light saber skills.

The trainees then went on a hayride through the orchard and it was pitch black by the time we returned, but they were welcomed back to camp with a roaring bonfire.

Ethan's dad, clad as Obi Wan Kenobi, helped the young ones learn to use the Force.  So crazy to see them all out there in the darkness!  The weather had been terrible the past week and it turned out most people canceled their parties, so we were the only people there.  They usually have 20 or so bonfires going at the same time, but we had the whole place to ourselves.  Poor Obi Wan took quite a beating, but he never saw it coming.

I love these shots of the light saber action with no flash!

We all had a great dinner, then roasted marshmallows over the fire to make s'mores, and then had cake too!  And what an amazing cake it was!

Ethan's birthday party was out of this world, and the Force is now much stronger with all of these new Knights of the Jedi Order.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Another 80!

Last weekend we braved some of the most horrendous traffic we've ever seen, during epic rainstorms, to drive up to NJ for a very good reason - to celebrate my mom's upcoming 80th birthday.  She didn't want much, just to be with all her children and grandchildren at once, and have a nice meal together.  After all that my mom has done for us, and for our entire family, nothing could have stopped us from being there for her special day!

Funny, it was just 2 years ago that we went up to celebrate my dad's 80th birthday, and we wound up with almost the exact same pictures of the same people, just at a different restaurant!

It's another week before Mom's actual birthday, but hopefully the happiness from last weekend's celebration will carry through until her big day.  We love you so much, Mom!  Happy 80th!