Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Our good friends Mallory and David welcomed Thea, their 3rd little baby girl, recently - although she's anything but little, with a birthweight of 11 pounds, 3 ounces!  They chose a classic pink and brown color combo for her nursery in their brand new house.  Lots of change for one family!

I have always admired simple patchwork quilts, just sewing squares together, but I've also thought they can be a little boring.  I hoped the more graphic prints I gravitate towards these days would add a lot more interest to the simple pattern, and adding the pink squares and star points completely changed the look of the quilt.  I went with a solid pastel pink to calm down the bolder browns.

This is the basic block, made out of 4" squares.  I quilted it with pink thread in diagonal lines corner to corner through the squares, and I like how it's hardly noticeable except on the darkest brown parts.

The backing was supposed to be mostly solid pink, but I ran short on fabric, so I added a vertical row of leftover patchwork squares to widen it.  There are also 3 brown stars amid the pink backing, since she's one of 3 girls.  I also went with 3 since there are 3 rows of 3 pink stars on the front of the quilt.   I love how the front and back both compliment and contrast each other at the same time.

But the pink binding is just killer for me.  All along I thought I was going to use one of the browns, but it looked soooooo drab and needed that little peek of color around the perimeter.  Machine binding keeps getting easier the more I do it!

This was a pretty easy quilt to make, and it turned out adorable.  "Thea-dorable," in fact!  Pink and brown are just the perfect color combination for a baby girl's quilt!  Welcome, baby Thea and congratulations Mallory, Davis, Cella, and Jackie!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful are the Master Quilt Maker..Congrats to Mallory and David...Hopefully I get to see all of the girls on my next visit...MiMi