Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The One That Got Away

Seems like a fitting way to (finally) end our vacation recap, with the tale of the shark kite.

Joseph got this awesome kite for his birthday from Benjamin 2 years ago.  Hard to believe we had never opened it, but we knew this trip was the perfect time to finally let it take flight.  Aunt Suthern brought it to the beach one day and sent it soaring into the sky.  When Joseph noticed it flying overhead, he came running and held onto it for barely a minute, but then asked for it to be reeled all the way back in.  He really wanted to look at it up close since he had never seen it assembled before.

Suthern starting winding the string and tried to pass the handle to me,  but in the process it got loose and took off into the sky.  Even with my recovering broken ankle, I ran like a maniac across the beach and into the ocean, desperate to catch that handle that was always just a few inches out of my reach.  Then a big gust of wind took it sailing waaaaaaaaaay out into the ocean, and it was gone forever.

Oh, my poor boy cried and cried for more than an hour, and it just broke my heart.  Nothing we could say would console him, and we actually had to leave the beach and go home for a while.  He kept trying to come up with plans for going out into the ocean to get it.  He made me promise to never ever delete the pictures from my computer so he could remember his kite forever since he never got to hold it. We looked and looked for a kite that was similar, but there was just nothing quite like it :(

Luckily we had many other wonderful memories to hold onto, like all the time he spent with his cousins, Leyton and Ashton.

And all the time spent being spoiled by Grammy, Grandpa, and Mimi, who babysat and bought the boys ice cream so we could have a night out with our friends.

And successfully seeing our very 1st movie in a theater, "Planes," with our buddy Benjamin.  The last time, two whole YEARS ago,  was a total disaster!

And at 6 years old, Joseph finally had his 1st McDonald's Happy Meal!  It's not like we avoided it per se, we just don't eat there much ourselves and there are usually so many other options.

What should really make Joseph is happy that, on the sound advice of his godmother, I found the exact same kite on Amazon.com, and it should be here any day now!

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Anonymous said...

Glad you found another one for him.I am ready to go back to the beach to fly it with joejoe.It was a great week .hugs MiMi