Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hershey Highlights

Over Labor Day weekend we took a trip back up to Hershey Park with some friends.  In the 2 years since we've been there, Joseph graduated from being a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup to a Hershey Bar!  Our original plans just included us and Ethan's family, but when Skyler's (one of Joseph's classmates) mom heard of our trip, she made a reservation and came along too.  We drove up on Saturday, by way of Lancaster County, so I could do some fabric shopping at my favorite stores, then headed to Hershey in the evening.  We met up with Skyler for dinner, and got an early start at the park on Sunday morning.

Ethan's family drove up on Sunday and met us at the park, and the 3 boys wanted to do almost every ride possible.  They started out with the tame rides near the entrance but quickly graduated to being tossed and turned and twirled in every direction.

We (thankfully) did not ride this rollercoaster,

but we did go on many, many more!

We reached new heights on several other rides,

while staying low to the ground on some others.

What do you know, with chocolate as far as the eye can see, Joseph picked cotton candy for a treat.  But we still give Hershey Park the thumbs up!

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