Saturday, September 21, 2013

Back 2 School

Back to School Night, 2013

I love getting a look at what's going on inside that classroom of Joseph's.  I have even volunteered to be the lead room parent so I can be as involved as humanly possible.  Joseph's teacher this year was hand picked for him by his kindergarten teacher to make sure he has someone who fosters literacy.  It's just a perk that Ms. Klane's class is called the Rockstars!

This sign is hysterical!  I wish it would work in my office, but unfortunately as a pediatrician all of those things happen on an hourly basis.  Well, except the fires.  

Ms. Klane had the kids write a note for their parents.  Joseph wanted us to see the "smart board."  He still reverses his b's, d's, and p's, hence the "beer" instead of "dear."

Interestingly, in DC public schools this year they have reintroduced the Pledge of Allegiance.  They say it once a week at morning Jamboree, and in the most ridiculously politically correct way, they are encouraged to participate, or not, as they so choose.  Joseph is quite taken with it.

It still needs a little fine tuning :)

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Anonymous said...

Way to go J.T. Mimi is so proud of you...You are a Great First Grader...