Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Wild, Wild Horses

Another sightseeing adventure - a tour of the famous Corolla wild horses.  My parents and I , along with Joe Joe and Mimi, got a ride to the northernmost areas of the Outer Banks accessible only by 4 wheel drive vehicles to see the herd of about 120 wild horses directly descended from Colonial Spanish Mustangs.  It was a crazy, bumpy ride through the sand and over the dunes, like a roller coaster, which Joseph thought was so much fun.  But it was some kind of windy.

Almost magically, you turn a corner, and there they are, these random horses.  Actually, they're more the size of ponies.  They're contained in this area by fences running from the Currituck Sound to the Atlantic Ocean, but the majority of land is privately owned, and it's weird how many huge, luxury houses there are out there in the middle of nowhere.  The horses roam freely, and like the guy in the picture below, you could just walk out on your deck with your morning coffee and have horses in your front yard.

The original herd arrived in the 1500's with Spanish explorers, who retreated when the natives attacked, leaving behind the horses and livestock.  They've adapted to survive on stuff like dune grasses and sea oats, which aren't very nutritious, so they spend almost every waking minute grazing.

More info about them is available at the Corolla Wild Horse Fund if you're interested.  Joseph was worn out by the adventure and actually managed to sleep through the bumpy ride home!

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Jocie Z ROCK said...

These are awesome shots with the mustangs!! Beautiful sunset shots too!