Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sleepover Success!

Over the weekend Joseph finally got around to having his first official sleepover.  We'd been talking about it with several different friends over the past many months, but for one reason or another the plans always stalled.  This wound up being an entirely last minute idea and went off without a hitch.

Benjamin came all the way over from 2 houses away to spend the night.  The boys had dinner, plenty of playtime, a fun bath involving every toy that could get wet, and a few books from Papa.  There was expectedly a bit of chatting after lights out, but they were both pretty tired and they were out for the night at quite a reasonable time.  Benjamin had been worried that Joseph would wake him up too early, and he slept in almost an extra 2 hours after Joseph got up!

Over French toast and fruit for breakfast they were already planning the next sleepover to be held at Benjamin's house.  We're thinking we need to seize the opportunity and make some dinner reservations!  The whole night went so well it was almost anticlimactic!

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