Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sea Watch

On our 2 previous trips to the Outer Banks we stayed at The Sanderling Resort in Duck.  This time around, since we invited our extended family to join us, we rented a big house further north in Corolla, named Sea Watch, to accommodate the lot of us.  Grammy, Grandpa, Mimi, Uncle Glenn, Aunt Suthern, and cousins Leyton and Ashton all joined us in DC, then we caravanned to NC.  The house was huge and welcoming, and had every amenity we could have wanted, including wrap around porches, a pool and hot tub, and easy beach access.  It could only have been more perfect if Poppy had felt strong enough to make the trip.

Directly off the back deck, where we enjoyed many snacks and cocktails, was an amazing view of the beach, where we were greeted with a rainbow upon our arrival after our loooong journey.  Some of us (and you know I mostly mean Joseph and I) also got to see many lovely sunrises from the same vantage point.

In the other direction we had views of the tippy top of Currituck Light house on the Sound side, where the sun would set behind our private pool.

No matter how great the house, the kids all wanted to spend as much time at the beach as possible.  We had a few warm sunny days in the beginning of the week, but it did get quite a bit cooler and overcast our last few days, but that gave us the opportunity to explore lots of other things.

The boys were crazy about all the jelly fish!

I think little Ashton could beat just about anyone in paddle ball.  Seriously, he's got mad skills!

I'm not that much of a beach person myself, but I had some good times with the kids in the water, and I do love to see how much fun Joseph has in the sand.

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Rgutro said...

looks like a really fun vacation. You all know how to have a great time at the beach! Love the sandy-face photo. :)