Saturday, August 3, 2013

Joseph at 6 Years

I love doing this post every year, even though it sneaks up on me and I never get around to doing it until a few weeks after Joseph's birthday.  Kind of like those thank you notes from his birthday party that should have been sent already.......

Joe Joe is just an overall happy kid and given the chance would spend every minute of every day simply playing.  He's so obviously into ninjas and will happily play with his Lego Ninjago toys for hours.  Hotwheels and other cars get thrown into the mix, as do knights and dragons.  He'd love to watch movies daily if we let him, and he has become obsessed with "Kung Fu Panda."  But Joseph has also become so much more into sports this past 6 months.  He loves Tae Kwan Do lessons, swimming, and biking  He's now mastered his scooter and is getting much better at tennis, soccer, and baseball, which he loves to play in the yard with Papa.  Nothing has changed with his love of books.  He still prefers to be read to, but he's working very hard at reading independently.

We luckily had no health issues over the past year!  Joseph is much less consistently an early bird.  We stil have our occasional 6am wake up calls (why always on the weekend?????), but 7am is probably his average wake up time.  Starting at 5 1/2 his palate rapidly expanded, and he pretty much eats whatever we eat (even broccoli!), and will try anything once.  If asked, he will still say strawberries and milk are his favorite things in the world.  Unless you tell him there is gum in the house.  The kid would do just about anything to get a piece of gum.  And ice cream.  When he earns a treat, he always picks ice cream.

JT has his own signature style these days.  He prefers super short hair, graphic tees, shorts, and flip flops, but he cleans up pretty nicely.  He's completely independent getting himself dressed and ready in the morning, but we have to intervene to some degree or we'd probably see the same 5 T-shirts over and over.

Where did our baby boy go? SIX YEARS have gone by in a flash!  The baby gates are down for good, the bed rails finally came off, the training wheels are gone, he lost his 1st tooth, and he finished his 1st year in elementary school.  O.M.G.

I tell Joseph I love him about a bazillion times a day, and he races to respond  "I love you more I love you the most!"  I don't think that's possible, but I'll take it.

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